Multi colour large foam play tiles 30cm x 30cm


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9pcs EVA Foam Mat Cheap! Bargain 9 Mats Multi Colour LARGE 0.81 m^2

Made from high quality EVA foam, it’s so easy to put down it can be used as temporary flooring or permanently placed with adhesive. EVA foam boasts easy clean properties allowing you to simply wipe away any spills or dirt with a damp cloth.

Mats interlock and can be cut with any blade to fit any shape room – no other tools needed to fit, simply lay where needed.

Spare mats can be purchased singly please contact us!

Don’t know how many you need? Use our mat calculator on our website or contact us and we will help.


• Multi colour

• T-Cross texture

• 300mm x 300mm each mat

• Interlocking jigsaw edge

• Soft cushioned foam

• Can be assembled to countless 3D shapes or layed flat

• Suitable for 3 years and up

Product is CE certified.