Gatekeeper Barrier Super-Absorbent Heavy-Duty Extra Thick Criss Cross Floor Mat


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Non-Slip, Heavy-Duty, Dirt-Barrier, Super Absorbent Mat

These highly durable, long-life entrance mats feature robust, high performance Olefin surface fibres which are highly optimized to allow for the retention of moisture and are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for commercial or non-commercial use.

• Moisture and dirt absorbent
• Capable of trapping up to 9 litres of water per square metre
• Parquet Design
• Super absorbent olefin yarn (dries 3 times faster than nylon!)
• Non-trip, lays completely flat
• Appropriate for any high traffic area
• Super hard-wearing
• Indoor and outdoor use
• Anti-creep rubber cleats on it’s underside stop this mat moving
• Non-shedding